To a new chapter.

I feel like I have to introduce myself each time because of my inconsistency. If I’m being completely honest I have felt like me sharing on the blog has not been impacting people but, that’s where I got it wrong.

I write because God has gracefully permitted me to. I write to glorify God. I can’t promise consistency but hiswrite is a year old already. Oh how time flies. I have been blessed so much listening and obeying God to start this. Thank you Father.

So God has instructed me through so many dreams to return but I have been running away like Jonah. My big whale was probably my emotions, sigh. Do better be obedient to God.

Seeing as it’s a new academic year next month. Congratulations to everyone that’s moving forward we Bless God. My advice for those going to uni or not, fast in preparation for the new chapter. Write down goals you will like to achieve: academic and non-academic goals. Reflect on the previous year and how to improve.

Christians going to uni if you don’t go to raves I promise you won’t die. I didn’t go to any by the grace of God and I’m very healthy ( my back does hurt, has nothing to do with this) do not forget the word of God at uni. They are two types of people who go to uni. Those who go and know God and those who go and forget God/ not know God.

Pray without ceasing at uni, new spiritual ground. The enemy has been plotting since you got accepted do not give him the upper hand. Friends are either sent by God or by the enemy. Pray and be discerning of those you are vulnerable with.

Find a fellowship that is filled with the love of God and care about your spiritual growth.

Have fun! Go out with friends, bike riding, exploring, join/start a society. Make memories don’t die with dreams. Be money smart, I advice you have a budget and stick with it. Hunger is real and sleep isn’t always filling.

Sleep and time doesn’t exist so make sure you are strict with yourself. Remember you came to uni for a degree. Education is a form of worship to God. See Colossians 3:23.

If you make a principle stick to it. Be wise, flee from fornication. Set boundaries that restrict you from falling.

If you ever feel down: pray, seek help and do something that will make you feel better.

Read your books, stay alert, make friends (even with your lecturers).

Do feel free to message me about all things uni or for a prayer.

In the next posts to follow this I will be sharing testimonies from the previous academic year, to encourage and bless you guys.

I pray that God’s Spirit never departs from you and in all that you do may you continue to feel the love of God and be a light amongst your peers. God Bless you.

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