Over and over again I try. Trying to walk in the path set out for me but I get distracted by the things of the world.

Before I started this walk, I was certain I won’t fail. It is a simple task, besides how hard can it be to walk ?

Everyone like me seems to be doing it well. Although I’m different, I must play a different role just as the heart pumps life and the eye sees the vision .

Doubting my purpose on this walk, I keep trying to imitate others. I stumble. I must know my purpose but, it doesn’t seem right.

Interested in the things of the world and that of the word. Knowing light and darkness do not coexist. Yet I wonder why I stumble.

Eager to continue walking, eager to succeed, eager to reach the end. Unequipped, unserious, unaccountable all these factors lead me nowhere  but, the same place I started.

Nevertheless, someone might see me and assist, time starts to pass by as I hope that someone might come for me. Someone might see me, someone will just know I’m here.

Confused as to why no one is here. Although I didn’t bother trying to walk or calling for help.

Endless cycles of the same circumstances that cause me to stumble. On the right path but, I remain in the same place on this walk.

Now go back and read each letter of the paragraphs. OBEDIENCE. It’s not often spoken about yet so vital in our Christian walk. The Israelites were in the wilderness for 40 years, the journey to the promise land was estimated  11days. Sometimes we are stuck in the wilderness this maybe spiritually or even emotionally because we do not obey, we remain in the same place we don’t get to our promise lands.

Just as the answer to the problems was hidden at the start of the paragraphs sometimes we have to evaluate from within to know what is hindering our growth. Even if that requires going to the beginning of each time you attempted to start.

God does not give you a plan without direction and support, it really comes down to if you are willing to obey. Discipline teaches us to obey so we can grow and overcome the next obstacles.

Obedience, humbles and disciplines us.

 Deuteronomy 8.

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