To share this testimony it’s only right to give a backstory. This feels like one of those testimonies aunties give at church, when it starts with at least 3 Hallelujahs. God is good, all the time. Time is in his hands. HAHAHAH.

So It all began, on December 2018 a couple days before Christmas. I met a lovely soul who was unfortunately homeless and I was so convicted to speak to him, I do give change to people that need it from time to time but, I have never spoken to the person on the receiving end. Never treated them like a human being, God’s creation. It’s very sad looking back at it.

So we spoke in depth and he wanted to come to church, arrangements were made for me to come get him the following day.

I got home later on and the Holy Spirit said fast. Fast over your invitation. I said Huh ? Look at me, a mere human being questioning the Spirit of God. The one who birthed knowledge, The omniscience God. Yeah I didn’t fast. I went to London Bridge the morning to go get him, He wasn’t there. The enemy struck, I allowed the enemy to do what he does best: Steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10). I was so disappointed.

So fast forward to January/February (I should really archive Key dates … sigh) God told me in a dream to start a charity that spreads the love of God to the Homeless. The dream was so clear and detailed, I don’t really like the term ‘homeless’ so I asked God for a name and standard was birthed.

But, this is the gag. God had already placed it on my heart to have  a homeless/evangelism walk for my 19th Birthday in February. Do you see how God aligns us. Crazy stuff. It was really beautiful.

So standard officially became active in June and God has made a way with provision, support and many other things. So grateful for all those that have taken it upon them to pray, support and even share. I would start dropping names but we might be here awhile.

I believe is key to allow God to drive while you remain in the passenger seat. Because man makes plans and God truly laughs. So I pray concerning the location for the walks, for the second walk that happened on the 6th of July. God was so clear that the location was Birmingham. I started to feel down, how am I supposed to ask people to come all the way to BIRMINGHAM. Another mistake, every God given will is completely backed by the Father. I eventually summoned the courage and told everyone so tickets could be bought on time ( bro it was a 3 hours journey) I felt like I was asking for a lot but why was I seeking approval from man ?

People confirmed they were coming. Tickets were bought. The day was getting closer. Fasting began. Then the flies started to drop. “Hey Sotu, sorry but I won’t be able to come” “Yoo Sotu can’t make it anymore still” “Bro I cant come anymore”. From 10 to 7 to 5. On the morning I had a dream and a voice said “ you won’t go to Birmingham”, I cried with passion and replied “I will go” ( didn’t even remember the dream till later on that day). I wasn’t discouraged in the slightest, 5 turned to 2 of us.

So I met my sister ( thought it would be weird to refer to her as my bro). For some reason it was as if confusion was in the air, we couldn’t locate each other. It took 10 minutes to find each other. The coach was at 10:00am, we saw each other at 9:50 am by the time we got there it was 10:01 am. The coach driver said nah.

We were assured to get on the next one if we explain. The next one was at 11:00 am. Time to board the driver said the coach is full and we need to upgrade our ticket. This instantly translates to more money in my head, I wasn’t wrong. So we upgraded and only 2 seats left, God provided. We got on the 11:30am coach and there’s MORE interference, why is the driver struggling with the coach.

When we got to Birmingham the blessings started to flow in. The inconveniences didn’t matter for a second anymore, we literally laughed in the face of the enemy and trusted in God. Lives were impacted, the heavens were opened and we were vessels for the kingdom of God.

The most beautiful encounter: a man approached us asking for £2.75. Stephanie has coins but she said she only has £1.55 ( I can assure you that she’s very accurate with her money) she opened her purse there was an extra pound, the man turned out to have 20p His £2.75 for the hostel was complete. Isn’t God amazing ?

I’m not sharing this to boast for I can not do this without the father. I have nothing to give, what I share is what I have received from above. I share as witness of what God can do, is doing when you allow him.

I know this is does not include standards beliefs and goals, a website for that will be out shortly. Apologies.

I pray this blesses you and pushes you to trust in God. Truly blessed from today and I will treasure this forever, so many lessons learnt. The kingdom of darkness will never succeed. Light overcomes darkness.

Grateful for the encouragement from my pastor and friends. The support has been surreal, only up from here. When pressure is applied, it means you are close.

Forgive me this is not my best work, I had to get this out immediately.

Stay blessed. Should be writing more soon.

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