Sleep paralysis

The carnal mind is too limited to ever comprehend the things of the spirit it’s like exposing algebra to an unborn child. In two different realms, the transaction requires a medium to occur. 

I would like to first remind you that as a follower of Christ although we are in the world we are not of it and for that reason we should know there are dimensions of this world that we are not aware of. I do not write about this topic to bring fear but to give you hope and a tool on how to overcome. So the final disclaimer before we dive right in: in understanding and accepting the contents I’m going to present please examine it with the Holy Spirit and if you are here simply for entertainment or in search of answers please leave everything you came with so you can actually receive the truth. Appreciated much!

Without any further prolonging. Sleep paralysis is the state in which you are awake but you can’t move, speak or even open your eyes but you are aware that there’s something there or in some cases it feels as though something is suppressing you. Even the NHS website uses these keywords to describe it but they have no explanation for it. Why? Because man can’t explain the things that of the spirit. In summary sleep paralysis is the inability of voluntary movement during your sleep with a sense of consciousness. 

The first time I ever experienced this I was 12 years old, many years ago! I was unsaved ,battled with a lot of suicidal and deep insecurity so I didn’t not bother speaking out, besides who would give me answers? I remember seeing myself in a cage with things that looked like aliens (which I later learnt was demonic forces) now I was scared. Let me paint the picture, I’m deep in sleep but suddenly I’m aware that I’m awake but I can’t move anything not even my eyes, it lasted for hours. I had no strength to fight I was weak and I thought I was dying. To my surprise I woke up the next morning but I still couldn’t comprehend what had just happened. I was just glad it was over! 

Now, years had rolled by before I experienced this encounter again; I was 16 now. I just came back from a party were I was drinking, dancing and out till the late hours with bodies I would never meet again, music that would be drowned out by the worry of my mums voice and the headache that would shortly follow as my system rid itself of this foreign substance. All I wanted to do was to catch up on some sleep like a show, binge watch the hours with dreams that I would probably never remember. So I hit the sheets in the afternoon and within a few minutes of being out I realised I could smell my mums cooking but I couldn’t move. I knew straight away what was happening with no idea of what to do I hoped my mum would come in to wake me up, for me to roll over but none of those happened. Again I was weak and crippled with fear. What was this phenomenon that came upon men in their sleep? That chose to bring doom in their weakest hour? I soon learnt it was sleep paralysis. Fortunately, I woke up at some point but I didn’t even know where I would start describing this from so I just buried it deep deep within. 

A few years after this Christ had it I would be saved and will come to know him.  So I was filled with zeal to know this saviour who would come and take on death, defeat it and then proceed to give me power. I delighted in scripture, I was so engrossed in it through the mornings and the night. I realised that the spiritual realm was indeed real through dreams and numerous encounters. I would love to say the sleep paralysis ended but we know we don’t live in fairytales, so here’s the truth: it only intensified. This time things were different I was able to say Jesus within my spirit and as God is not a man that he would lie, all those who call on the Lord’s name are indeed saved. 

So you must be thinking, what is the root cause of sleep paralysis? I must admit I don’t have all the answers but before you exit, here’s a few explanations I have compiled with the help of God through experience.

One of them is a lack of a prayer life, we do not wrestle against flesh and blood! Demons and the spiritual realm is real they seek to suppress, oppress, possess and destroy. So when there’s no fire burning, they roam around and simply suppress you in your sleep but your soul doesn’t sleep so you know there’s something going on. 

Another explanation is living a life of sin, whatever I did in that party at 16 and who ever I associated with I brought all that back and my house was not sanctified so the demons had the greatest delight to return back home or due to my actions it gave legal ground for those nearby to oppress. 

Your environment which includes the bed or where you are sleeping on has been defiled with sin, so the enemy owns that. How dare you find rest on the enemies property ? Of course you are going to be oppressed this can be the case with hotel rooms, university accommodations and so on. Sometimes you can eliminate this with prayer other times just look for another alternative. 

What we watch or entertain ourselves before we go to bed or fall asleep to. I remember watching a very popular secular animated sitcom and falling asleep on the sofa and bang! I was slapped with oppression, don’t you know the eyes and the ears are the gateway to your soul? Hence why pop culture advocates for trends which include listening to songs about heartbreaks when going through one as its believed to medicate the soul.  Honestly, only God’s word can heal a broken heart! 

I’m sure there’s more to the list but this what I have for now. So with all these said I must emphasise this is by no chance to inflict fear but to let you know that there is one who delivers you and his name is Jesus Christ. Those who believe in him and call his name are saved, sometimes I have seen the very demon doing this and just by proclaiming the name of Jesus it flees. Jesus wants us to enjoy our sleep, so you don’t have to suffer or rely on what the world tells you. 

There’s salvation in the name of Jesus, believe and call him. Don’t grow comfortable, keep on burning for him and know that the spiritual world exists. Sleep paralysis bows at the name of Jesus. Don’t believe that it is induced by insomnia or just one of those things that people go through, no. Yours is not the portion of the enemy arise in the whole armour of God (Ephesians 6) and please always pray before hitting the sheets, sleeping is just the practice for the real thing – death. So of course you are more susceptible to attacks. 

For those who have never experienced it I hope it remains that way and you are strengthened in the Lord so you can intercede for others! For those who are going through this now know that the light shines and the darkness does not understand, so call on your eternal light who gives life; Christ. 

“And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved.”

‭‭Acts‬ ‭2:21‬ ‭KJV‬‬

I pray that the Spirit of truth our comforter guides us in all truth regarding the things of the physical and spiritual. In Jesus name 


P.S shout out to my uncle who God used to help make this website. I honour you Uncle David for blessing me, thank you so much sir! 

happy new month too!

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