Let the testimonies roll through

Started university with uncertainties regarding getting sfe.

Sfe: student finance England. They give you loans dependent on your parents/guidance income. Which should cover your tuition and maintenance.

I moved into my accommodation on the 16/09/2018. Before leaving my house I sent one more document to sfe. Which should grant me the loan.

I settled into uni and days are rolling by and I haven’t received any updates from sfe. As the days are rolling by. My rent is coming up. As my rent is coming up it hit me,that my tuition hasn’t been paid too.

So I call sfe up. Press 3, then 3 then 1. Enter your secret answer, then say yes. After all that they tell me they never received this. Hahahah it’s coming to October, so my mum sends another one. By this time I’m sweating a lot. Serious sleepless nights, every turn spells sfe is not here yet.

So I got to church ( I was grateful to be able to go to my home church more than often) I told my pastor about the situation, telling him was second nature. He just comforted me and said it will be well.

I got back to my accommodation that day and then it hit me, through this storm not once did I seek God. Writing this reminds me of:John 6 the disciples where afraid of the storm whilst they had Jesus with them.

So I prayed and God ( forgive I don’t remember his words exactly so i will paraphrase) said “If I have brought you this far into uni, why will i leave you?”

Within 3 days I received an update from sfe that it was being processed. It came before the date it was expected. Isn’t God amazing. So why am I sharing this?

The boat in John 6 is our lives, the sea is the paths we take whilst on earth. Storms are trials and tribulations, a lot of us become afraid because we don’t know who God is.

“I am that I am” Exodus 3:14. He is more than what we can imagine. He owns the seas and he calms the storms. When life gets stormy, seek God.

I pray that whatever you may be waiting on or applied for according to God’s perfect will may you receive it. Through the storms may you experience peace. In Jesus name. Amen.

May my testimony bring forth testimonies in your lives.

If you do want to ask me anything or pray with you concerning something please do email or message me.

God Bless.

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