Esther 6:14 Esther had prepared.

past tense: prepared; past participle: prepared
1. make (something) ready for use or consideration.
His writes went from preparation to prepared.

The Lord prepared I, we, us and them for everything that is yet to come.

He made me for His use and has given me a Purpose. As Esther prepared, I prepare for the kingdom that is yet to come, and I acknowledge my calling and election to serve others by serving the King.  Aiding them through their preparation.

God is the author, privileged to be his pen. sharing what the Holy Spirit tells me to write and what I learn on this walk.

One way or the other we are always preparing for something, but the Lord has prepared everything we need if we seek His Kingdom and righteousness, we find what, who and where He has prepared for us.

The Lord prepared.

Sotu Riebelle

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