Picture this …

A picture is a photo, drawing or painting captured of a person or scene.

I love how pictures tell many stories at once. The stillness of a specific moment in life which can be kept for a life time, passed down unto generations. Effects to add or take away from the picture. With every occasion, comes that awkward or fun moment where everyone gathers together to smile, laugh or even pull silly faces. Some run, others stand tall with the brightest smile that causes the photographer to press the button that captures that very moment, no going back now.

Why am I going on about pictures ? How do they relate to God?
The Holy Spirit taught me 5 key things using pictures. 

Something new

With every picture taken, groups or selfies. Revisiting and analysis of the picture, presents something new. It’s so surreal as to how something big or small was missed upon the initial look. It could be an imperfect feature or a beautiful detail. How does this all link? In 2017 I decided to study the Bible for the very first time. With this being my first time I was excited and sad. With every end of the chapter, the joy of a new chapter faded away quickly with the thought that this will end sooner or later. I thought to myself if I read the Bible all 66 books, that’s it. There’s nothing to study again.

They say innocence is bliss and being naive is something to chuckle about. I quickly learnt that the Bible isn’t just a book that you read once and that’s it. This is the living word. God has painted the most beautiful picture with each scripture pointing to Christ. You can read a verse over and over again, the Holy Spirit will reveal something old and something new.

Zoom in

With every gathering, videos and pictures are created. I love videos, the laughter of many voices linked back to one joke that can be told over and over again and still be funny. But, pictures they have a way of anchoring every sailing movement to that exact moment.

Especially with groups of people when pictures are taken, I promise if you zoom in and watch everyone’s face you won’t regret it. It’s either very beautiful or extremely funny.

With life always moving at a very fast pace, God desires for us to just be still and zoom in. Focus on this exact moment and enjoy this very period. Bask in the laughter or cry in the moment. Zoom in on the word of God. Often times we read chapters of the Bible, but how often do we just zoom in on key moments and really allow that very verse or character to speak to us. Zoom in and ask how do I relate? Zoom in and allow the Holy Spirit to give you key revelations of how the old testifies of the new. Zoom in, to be able to understand how each moment completes the whole picture.

Front camera

With every new iPhone, sorry I don’t know how androids work. Hahahah. This is besides the point, it is the point. Anyways, with every new phone without fail the quality of the camera is mentioned either how good the pixels are or the other stuff. A lot of us are consumed with the front camera, we don’t know what it is to be behind the camera and capture the beauty in front of us. As much as selfies are detailed, sometimes just flip it around. Capture what’s in front of you!

Yes, God has called us to love ourselves but not to be in love with ourselves. We must be able to serve and love others, instead of worrying about what we may look like, make someone’s day. Compliment them for their character or attire. We must represent God with our actions as well. Flip it!


Over the years I have seen so many effects and edits. I’m pretty young so I still remember cam wow and the strange Instagram filter names. Then came along Snapchat with filters that started of innocently and then controversial ones. I was very much  obsessed with using filters or editing my pictures. I thought the picture without anything wasn’t worth anything. I fell out of love with plain jane and in love with blue, contoured Jane.

It is beautiful to play around with pictures, edits can take away or add to the story being told. A black and white picture makes you question how old it is, a retro look is a retro look I guess. But, bride of Christ we must never edit the gospel. Never! We must preach the gospel the way it is. The way God has paved for us, in its simplicity. The “foolish” word that confounds the wise. We must never edit this beautiful picture of the cross, painted in the blood of Christ on our hearts forever. Never edit, filter or take away from it.


If you have a poor phone storage like myself, then you have seen your phone cry like a broken record: “iPhone storage full”. Immediately I run to my albums and delete pictures that I have judged unworthy. I often back up most of my pictures on goggle photos (small plug, this is an amazing app). I have probably deleted a lot of pictures I wish I kept now. Pictures jog and retain moments. Especially when nostalgia comes knocking, nothing to solidify  this moment makes me wish I had kept the photo.

We must not be too quick to discard teachings, advice, word of knowledge , an experience or opportunity . For you never know when a problem or moment may arise and what you have now quickly discarded would have helped. Cherish everything given and then upon great reflection discard. How many events have we turned down because just like my phone we are like a broken record screaming we have other things to do.

How many times has God called you back to the secret place and you have discarded that opportunity to commune with the father? Oh how it will never be like Eden but we have something great which is Jesus! Jesus allows us to come boldly to the throne of grace.

“We must search him in scripture so we may reflect the perfect picture.” – Sotu Riebelle

“The greatest painter. Painted you His must precious picture, awaits you to seek Him in His scripture.” – Sotu Riebelle

“The Lord hath appeared of old unto me, saying, Yea, I have loved thee with an everlasting love: therefore with lovingkindness have I drawn thee.”

‭‭Jeremiah‬ ‭31:3‬ ‭KJV‬‬


p.s I know it would have been nice to have pictures. Please just allow God to let you imagine. Maybe in the future I will add some pictures. Until then be blessed and be safe!

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