Pain and suffering

Pain and suffering was bound within the corners of earth unleashed by the fall of man. Guardians of the flesh became led by their flesh, distanced from the will of God. Good news is that the cross reconcile’s us back to the father and those led by his Spirit are the sons of God, thus flesh is bound. 

When I started to grow in Christ I thought pain was dead, cue the music: bye bye to suffering bye bye to pain. I was quickly shocked, I guess even the best team in the league must still train to play the worse team in the league too. I thought coming to Christ was a safety blanket but the truth is that God has no son that didn’t suffer, if the very son of God was scourged, beaten and nailed to the cross I too cannot escape suffering. 

Yes, I knew scripture said those whose suffer with Christ will also be glorified with Christ but I didn’t understand the depths of the scripture. None of the apostles had a glamours death, even apostle John escaped from being boiled in oil! Attacks will come but they reveal where our hope lies, in the flesh or in the Spirit of God?  

Now I’m not in any way trying to say that because we are born of water and spirit that we shouldn’t care for the flesh or take care of our earthly bodies, that’s obviously absurd. God is Lord of the Flesh and those led by his Spirit, but we should never assume that we are exempt from attacks, persecution or suffering. We should glory in tribulations for it worketh patience and patience, experience and experience hope. Hope brought by the Spirit within our hearts. 

Does this excuse healing or quench our desire to see people made whole? No, but it is a reminder that nothing under the sun is new thus, our sufferings in Christ have been experienced by those before and will be experienced by those to come. Healing glorifies God and equally does our suffering. 

In December 2019, I was led to pray about human trafficking and for those who suffer from prostitution. Post praying due to my cramps I went to go make some nice hot green tea, when I came into the kitchen I felt as though I wasn’t alone. Yes Christ is with me but I felt as though there was a demon there… I overlooked it scurried back into bed with my green tea. Now as usual I sit up and hold my cup to my stomach as do most people do. It was firm! Then the unimaginable happened, I wasn’t very sure how it happened. Now you might jump to the conclusion that this was self inflicted, fair enough. Who drinks on the bed? But I ask who drives? Who leaves their house? Who simply lives? In any circumstance we can be faced with the unimaginable. 

Being home alone, I phoned a friend and agonised till I could no longer groan. I went to church the next day and asked my amazing pastor to pray for me and he did. Then my healing began amongst my mother’s constant concern, but did this stop me from praying? No. I mean I took a break from tea for a while but rest assured I’m back.

Those who know me, know I’m very private. So I don’t share this for sympathy or to boast rather I hope this will help you to trust in God even when it doesn’t make sense. God is good and we reside in a fallen world thus, suffering exist from sin. Suffering doesn’t reduce the nature of God, rather it allows us to lean on him even more. 

Overtime, my stomach healed and the pain experienced is of the past. I have a scar that will allow me to testify of God’s goodness and mercy even in dismissing what I felt, God was still good and is still good. So in trials or tribulations may we trust in him who saves.

He is forever good! 

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