It gets hard, every now and then. The pressure sinks In, I, well I slowly start to drown and I can’t swim do I shout ? scream? some might ask how did I get there in the first place. Just like Peter I decided to walk with the Lord but, not on land because with Christ you stand out because you were never made with feet to walk on land but, here I am sinking.

Just a little while and I won’t be able to see the surface. Oh yes little faith I have, why don’t I try to swim? I guess no plan B’s when you walk with Christ.

He is my shepherd and I’m His sheep although at the moment these are not green pastures but, with the Lord the waters are quiet as I was with Him. A shepherd returns for the lost sheep, oh amazing grace, I was found. He never left me, I left when I decided to drown. I let the pressure get to me I… I made a mistake. That mistake is I.

Pride cometh before the fall. The i in the middle of pride is no accident. It became about me. When I humble myself before Him it becomes U, no more sinking. Just as you guide me, you protect me.

From faith being less to faith being full.

May you increase and may I decrease.

John 3:30

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