How To Study The Bible

Part I

I wanted to start with why studying God’s word is vital, so it gives meaning on how to study the Bible.

Reading or just knowing a couple verses or stories are not the same as studying God’s word. it is imperative to know the Bible this can only be achieved by studying the Bible.

Keep this Book of the Law always on your lips; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful.  Joshua 1:8.

This post aims to help anyone finding it difficult to study the Bible. My pastor described the Bible as our manual, that God has given to us to get through life and prepare us for what is yet, to come.

Studying the Bible should be a daily thing, I struggle with this from time to time. Creating a schedule and following it is very important, if this is waking up at 5:30am to study the Bible then do it. Studying the Bible becomes a task when it is religion and not relationship. in a relationship you spend time with that person. Applying this concept  to yourself and God, being eager to know God will prelude studying of His word.

Going to church, listening to sermons,  having a gospel playlist and even talking about God does not compare to actually having quiet time with Him and studying the Bible. This brings about breakthrough and even being able to walk in your calling.

There are different approaches to studying the Bible:  the Bible app helped me a lot when I first started. There is over a 100 powerful devotions that ease you into chapters of the Bible. Not knowing where to start can be very overwhelming.Devotions I recommend are : studying the Bible in one year, faith, acts of repentance and youth devotions.

After a couple months of devotions I moved on to reading the Bible without devotions.  started at 6am everyday, before getting into the word I would worship  then pray asking for direction.I tend to study the Bible either in silence or with instrumentals playing ( Dappy keys), then end with a prayer this worked for me at the time. Studying the Bible taught me how to pray. Everyone will have a different approach, some might read Psalms in the morning and then study the Bible in the evening.

The most important thing is to pray and ask the Lord for direction and ask the Holy spirit to help you understand. a Man of God once said reading the Bible without the Holy spirit makes it just a book, without the Holy Spirit revelation can not be achieved.


Tips for studying the Bible

Study to apply, study to remember. Apply what you study in your day to day life, be able to recall, as you can use this as a form of comfort and a moral compass when making decisions.

Context and content:  I will give a couple examples, satan tempting Jesus in Luke4 is a key  example as he quotes scripture out of context, using it for his personal desires. do not twist the word of God, A remains A and B remains B. Philippians 4:13 ” i can do all this through him who gives me strength”  the verse prior to this, Paul talks about being content in whatever situation he finds himself, therefore christ strengthens him in poverty and riches.  some Christians use this to drive their success without understanding what Paul was really talking about.  Reading chapters helps to understand a verse.

There are 66 books in the Bible, 39 books in the old testament and 27 books in the new testament. You have unlimited options. Don’t ever say you don’t know where to start from.

Use multiple Bible versions to truly understand a verse. i use KJV, NIV,NLT and NKJV.

Searching up keywords in either Hebrew or Greek to truly understand the word.

Listening to sermons can help you understand or affirm the word in you. Elevation church is the best with sermons.

Study Bible’s make everything much better. My study Bible was £23, I don’t remember where from (should be on amazon).

I pray this aids anyone struggling with studying the word and also show others why studying the word is key. May the Holy Spirit guide you in your quiet time.

In Part II of ‘how to study the Bible’ I will explore key themes in the Bible, interesting stories , key characters and give examples of on how I breakdown the word.

If you need any help with understanding the word feel free to contact me.

Ecclesiastes 4

Two are better than one,
    because they have a good return for their labor:
10 If either of them falls down,
    one can help the other up.
But pity anyone who falls
    and has no one to help them up.
11 Also, if two lie down together, they will keep warm.
    But how can one keep warm alone?
12 Though one may be overpowered,
    two can defend themselves.
A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.

Stay blessed.


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