Genesis 16:13

The God who sees me. The God who watches over me. The God who knows my deepest thoughts. I know He sees me, I can feel His Presence.

Do I see the one who sees me? When I seek him I see kingdom. A king in His domain, I a servant. I only see Him when I seek Him. I seek to see the kingdom. It doesn’t matter if I see the one who sees me because replacing the s at the end of sees with a K  I see kingdom because I seek ,I believe in the kingdom. I can only seek him when I do not worry about tomorrow but see kingdom and His righteous. Hagar could not see the God who sees her but with Christ, I have the way of seeking the father, the truth is found by seeing the kingdom and life is promised when I take up my cross to walk on this way.

El Roi – The God who sees me.

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