Days turn into weeks which roll over to months and before you know it you are looking back and thinking wow! Where did all that time go? Same. 

Over the years, I have come to understand that the things which are of the greatest value, we treat it with disrespect and just allow it to collect dust. Just when all routes come to a dead end we are forced to go back to those which we once neglected. 

The multi talented being I’m, (and we should all be) I tend to cut cost when and if they can. Owning a small business has really stretched me in ways I didn’t know I could ever reach, from having a photoshoot in my mothers living room with a back drop that is actually a £10 fabric and few friends ringlight. To complete this perfect picture I needed a stool, it’s usually the minor things that can be difficult. You would think acquiring the expensive equipment would be hard. 

I reached out to all my contacts with everyone saying they didn’t own a stool. I was starting to give up and simply opting for an ugly looking chair which would change the whole vision completely. So I reached deep down and gathered the little hope I had left and embarked on the journey to find a stool. I spent hours, walking in the rain. The options I found were either out of a price range I didn’t actually have or the stools I found were simply comical. I love how when we are so desperate we can easily settle too, I was about to consider transforming a 20litre or 50 litre bin into a stool but we both know that idea was very short lived. 

So I gave up, folded my arms and went back home. Whispering to God that it’s beyond me now or maybe for a better choice of words it’s simply above me. Maybe he would send a stool like manna or someone would decide to sow into my life. At this point I needed a miracle anything but a chair. 

So like human beings can be I decided to distract myself and start arranging the room for the shoot that was going to be the next day. 

This idea like a building simply was lacking a cornerstone but I didn’t allow the crumbling infrastructure and poor foundations to make me give up completely. Playing Tetris with the furniture in the living room, the table simply couldn’t participate in the puzzle, I had to get rid of it. The logical place was the balcony, pulling the table with all my emotional distress and fatigue. I make it through the doors, the wind in my face and just then my scales fell from my eyes  and I could see a glorious stool that my mum and I abandoned for almost 3 years, handed down to us by a family that didn’t need it. I quickly dropped the table, my heart leaped causing my body to gravitate towards this rusting black stool. It was perfect. 

I can assure you the shoot went amazing because of that stool. Months went by and of course the stool had to be taken back to the balcony and God impressed it on my heart on how often times the things that we go out from our homes, churches and even country to go search for have always been right next to us. Christ the cornerstone which the builders rejected was glorified and is exalted. It can be very easy to have a vision and try not to include Christ in it or just as we abandoned the stool, is those we neglect for years that tend to propel us in our God given position. From Christ preparing our seats in heaven to those who we have shut out to teaching us life lessons.

We must treasure those things that we are given today as tomorrow we will depend on it. Just as how Egypt had a surplus for 7 years and Joseph’s wisdom allowed them to have in their 7 years of famine which was only a mere dent to their lives. 

With every gift, calling, friendships and our relationships with God may we never neglect it and not only call on them in our time of help and desperation. 

I also love how the stool was pinnacle for the shoot but it was never seen in the picture. I will allow that to speak to you.

With 2020 coming to an end May we make the most out of what we have and honouring God in all he has given to us. Peace and Jesus!

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